Costume Actors

Is your corporate event in need of people to dress up in costume and work the room, mingling and posing for photos with your guests?  If you have a theme, we have the actors and costumes to pull it off!  With access to hundreds of costumes and a fantastic roster of professional actors and actresses, let us bring your vision to life and help make your event truly unforgettable.  Corporate Halloween Events, Specialized Corporate Events, Studio 54 Themes, Christmas/Holiday Parties, Town Crier announcements or anything else you've come up with.  If your event needs fun characters to add to the overall ambiance, we've got what you're looking for.

Call or contact us with your questions, and let us know what you'd like to see.


Donald Trump Impersonator

Looking to add some funny banter to your special event?  Donald Trump never seems to disappoint these days when watching him on the news, so why not bring him in to your corporate or private event to entertain as only "The Donald" can.  Ideal for corporate events, birthday parties, roasts, anniversaries... and well, anything else you can think of to give your event a real jolt.  After all...  He's rich!


Check out Donald Trump's sample video


Joan Rivers Impersonator

Having an Oscar themed party?  Red carpet gala?  Or simply just looking to add some energy to your event?  Why not have the iconic and always quick witted Joan Rivers crash your party to greet and entertain your guests in the most memorable way possible.  Complete with interview microphone and all the one-liners that made Joan who she was on the red carpet.  She can be front and centre at your special event too!  Just set her loose and watch the fun happen!


Check out Joan Rivers' sample video


The Addams Family

Thinking about the perfect hosts to greet and mingle with guests at your next corporate Halloween party or special event?  Our Addams Family performing team will be turning heads all night long!  Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester and Lurch are so authentic looking, even "Thing" would give you a high five for booking them!


Check out The Addams Family promo video


James Bond & Bond Girls

Are you thinking about an iconic theme for you party or event?  Agent 007 never seems to disappoint in these situations (in fact, he never seems to do anything wrong really).  Throw in some beautiful "Bond Girls" dressed in classy black ballroom gowns and you have a party!  We'll provide the talent and all you have to do is make sure everyone's Martinis are shaken, not stirred!


Canadian Mounties & British Royal Guards


Are you having a Canadian or British themed event?  Or perhaps you're just looking for a couple of these guys to guard the entrance of your big event for effect.  Whatever the occasion, our Canadian Mountie and British Royal Guard performers will make a statement (and maybe even take some statements) while mingling with guests at your special event.  Perfect for all sorts of occasions and you can book any number of Mounties or Royal Guards, both male and/or female.  All you need is an imagination and the ability to contact us for more details!


Living "OSCAR" Trophy


Having an "Oscar" themed party or corporate event?  Our living Oscar trophy is sure to turn heads at every corner.  Standing completely still on his trophy base stand, he randomly comes to life to entertain your guests while they mingle.  He'll do a little dance, kiss a lady's hand or pose for a few photos before going back to standing completely still again.  Oscar never says a word, his physical antics are what your guests will enjoy and you never know when he'll decide to "live a little".  A Living Oscar Trophy is a must have for any Oscar themed event and will definitely be the life of the party.  This performance deserves an Oscar!


Check out a sample video of the Living "Oscar" Trophy


Hire A Town Crier

OYEZ! OYEZ! OYEZ!  Do you have a new or expanding business and want to add something special for its grand opening?  Or do you have a personal announcement you'd like to make a lasting statement with?  Our professional Town Crier has over 25 years of experience getting people's attention with his booming voice, authentic costume and personally written cries that will turn heads at every corner.  Make your grand opening, ribbon cutting ceremony or personal announcement one to be remembered and have your message heard!


Check out a sample video of the Town Crier



We offer a variety of witches made up in many levels of creepiness!  Tell us what you'd like to see greeting guests at your event and we'll cast a spell and make it happen.  Halloween parties have never been so customized!




Corporate & Private Holiday Events

 Tis the season!  Are you looking for Santa to make a detour in his travels and stop by your event to entertain the kids and adults alike?  We're lucky that Santa enjoys going where we send him!  He'll make an appearance at your corporate Christmas party to entertain kids, pose for photos and hand out your gifts... or show up at your office party to find out who's been naughty and nice!

We have Santa of the REAL Bearded variety and of the not so real bearded (but very convincing) variety, so book early to make sure you get what you want for your party or event!