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Offering a fantastic selection of Toronto's most amazing Walk Around Magicians, Illusionists, Mentalists, Walk Around Psychics and Tarot Card Readers for your corporate event, private party or special function.

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Raman is a master of close up magic and illusions.  Walk around, close up magic is the most interactive to entertain at your party or event as it brings people together and involves pure sleight of hand. This form of magic is always the most amazing and entertaining as Raman will literally be performing his talents mere inches away from your audience. From card tricks and illusions to using everyday objects like coins, rubber bands and cigarettes, up close magic is truly a skill that takes many years to master. Perfect for Corporate Events, Night Clubs, Restaurants, Birthdays, Wedding Receptions and many more social gatherings. Walk around, close up magic is also the best way to break the ice with strangers at business functions as people can't help but gather around to join in on the fun. Raman's outgoing personality is infectious and his amazing close up magic is definitely something you have to see to believe.  Prepare to be amazed!



Nathaniel is an international award winning Magician and Circus Artist.  He has completed numerous national and international tours throughout Europe, North America, Scandinavia, Asia and South America on luxury cruise lines along with breathtaking circuses and many corporate event.  Nathaniel's "Borderline Madness" shows combines state of the art modern magic, comedy, juggling, mind reading, audience participation and sharp wit.  From levitating tables and juggling rings and bowling pins, to making everyday items vanish into thin air, this show will amaze and entertain everyone.  His close up/walk around magic is an intimate, enchanting and visual form of entertainment that is perfect for cocktail parties, restaurants, weddings and corporate events.  A true performer and master of his craft.



As an award winning Magician, Magic Dan has traveled the globe to amaze and delight from Disney to Las Vegas and takes pride in what he considers his true “gift”.  Through intensive study, mentorship and regular performances, Magic Dan quickly became renowned throughout Halton Hills and the Greater Toronto Area and was adding hundreds of performances to his to his impressive resume through the years. No venue was too big or small for his passion and he became “the” person to book for corporate events, private parties, kids parties, festivals, and more.  Magic Dan's master showmanship would become his mainstay and lead him to amazing opportunities such as performing for celebrities, noted UFC fighters along with making numerous TV appearances.  From his amazing stage shows to his awe inspiring up close/walk around magic, Magic Dan never misses a beat or a trick, even at the slightest of hand!



Rob is an amazing illusionist and veteran entertainer who prides himself on being very slight of hand.  His shows are full of mind-blowing illusions with just the right amount of comic flair thrown in for good measure!  For many years, he has entertained audiences at everything from corporate events and restaurants to festivals and private parties.  Rob has performed at "Beaches Negril" in Jamaica; Carnival's "Costa Magica" Caribbean Cruise Ship; The Nanjing International Clown Festival in China; multiple events in Dubai, UAE; Corporate Events for Mercedes-Benz & Deloitte; Celebrity Athletes Wendel Clark, Doug Gilmour, & Georges St-Pierre;  his mother; his grandparents; and the homeless guy on his street corner.





Prepare to have your minds blown and your futures revealed when you book some of the most amazing Psychics, Hypnotists, Mind & Tarot Card Readers in Toronto for your corporate or private event.

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(Bet you knew we were going to say that)



Psychic Indigo was born with the gift of clairvoyance and guidance. Using Tarot, Numerology, and Palmistry, she has been astonishing audiences for years with her intuitive skills and predictions.  Available for sit down sessions or walk around readings.
Indigo has been featured as a psychic on the TV show "Innerspace" and currently runs workshops on tarot and psychic arts in Toronto. 
Her main practices include: Tarot, Numerology, Lipstick Readings, Dream Interpretation, and Wish Ceremonies.




A psychic witch from Italy, Signora Delle Tenebre brings a flare of mystical practices and predictions to her readings. Proficient in the occult sciences and old world tradition, she will deliver audiences with a unique experience while providing them with a special psychic reading.  Available for sit down sessions or walk around readings.



 Mysterion is Canada’s foremost mentalist, magician and psychological entertainer. He’s a television personality who has performed live on Global TV, City TV, MTV Live, YTV, Breakfast TV, Inside Jam and The Discovery Channel.  With a self proclaimed PhD in ESP, the Doctor of Mentalism has a solid history of reliability, punctuality and professionalism. Mysterion is a favoured corporate entertainer for Fortune 500 companies, festivals, fundraisers and private events. He performs feats of magic in awe of even the biggest skeptic and is asked to come back and entertain time and time again. Mysterion is a practitioner of magic who can engage any audience. Watch closely as he mingles with and amazes the guests at your event. Mysterion will leave everyone scratching their heads in wonder! 





Make your next get-together, party or special event truly memorable with intuitive tarot readings from Ariel Tarot. Entertaining, enlightening and ultimately focused on positive guidance, these readings ensure the vibe at your party is fun! Each guest will engage in a personal 20-minute reading in a private area; providing a brief overview of one's past-present-future path or focused on insights for 2 or 3 specific questions. Guests will also receive a free gift in the form of the Rose Quartz Crystal, which inspires compassion and ignites creativity. Book Ariel Tarot for your next event and share some good karma with your guests!

* Tarot is not to be confused with ‘magic’, but rather contains a rich symbolic language that enables us to tap into the subconscious mind and discover our potential. Certain issues (medical, legal, etc.) are best discussed with the appropriate professional expert.