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Party With A Reality TV Star!


IN Entertainment is proud to offer this exciting & exclusive opportunity to give your Birthday-celebrating, reality-show-obsessed fan a chance to party with their favorite...

  IN Entertainment makes it happen!  We'll send these popular local celebrities right to their front door to hang out and party with them and all their friends to help make their Birthday celebrations an incredibly memorable time!

These fun and outgoing Reality TV stars are available exclusively through IN Entertainment and are looking forward to partying with all their fans!  They will share their entertaining stories and answer fan's questions, along with taking plenty of photos/selfies with everyone and signing autographed photos for all the guests to keep!  Your Reality TV fans have the questions, these stars have the answers!  They were the life of the party on the reality shows they were on and they'll be the life of your party too!



We have BBC Season 3 runner up GODFREY MANGWIZA ready to make your party truly unforgettable.  Godfrey was an instant fan favorite and is one of the most popular and talked about contestants of all time!  He played the game perfectly right up to the end and if you're wondering if he has any stories to tell, bring him to your party to find out!  Godfrey adores his fans as much as he adores his cats!  A party with him will leave everyone saying "OMGodfrey!"




Also on board, the hugely popular and tirelessly outgoing LIZA STINTON, one of the original 16 contestants from BBC's first season.  Liza will personally share her amazing reality TV knowledge and behind the scenes gossip with all her fans as she is still talked about and adored by the BBC faithful to this day.  She also hosts a weekly Reality Show recap on YouTube that has thousands of fans tuning in regularly!

Check out Liza's YouTube channel:  CLICK HERE




We also have popular BBC Season 3 contestant BOBBY HLAD on board to party hearty with his fans!  Bobby, a 27-year-old rock climbing instructor from Oakville, Ontario describes himself as "crazy, spontaneous, and fun" and you can bet he'll bring all of that to your party!  Bobby's laid back and friendly personality earned him a top 10 finish and you can bet a party with him would be unforgettable!





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