Say it with songs!  Our singing telegram performers are trained professional singers that offer a unique and memorable way to deliver that special birthday, anniversary, retirement, holiday, or any other occasion that arises, message to your friends, partners, relatives and co-workers... wherever they are! We deliver to offices, homes, private parties, restaurants and well, anywhere else you need us to go, both in and around the greater Toronto area. So why not surprise your special someone with a personalized musical performance where ever they are and make sure their special day is one they’ll never forget!

In most cases, the songs in your telegram can be customized to your taste.  Our talented performers know a lot of popular music from yesterday and today, so you'll have lots of songs to choose from!

As an added bonus, all of our singing telegrams come with a FREE gift from us presented to your recipient to make them feel extra special!

*Want to send Flowers, Balloons or Chocolate along with your telegram?  We'll take care of all that for you as well!  Ask us for more details.




A True Serenade... Without the Balcony

Singing Telegrams with a Touch of Class

Our exclusive Guitar Serenading Telegram!  Have your Birthday (or any other occasion) boy or girl serenaded on the spot by one of our fantastic male or female guitarists.  These extremely talented vocalists will arrive pretty much wherever you need them to be - Office/Business, Restaurant, House Party, etc - with their guitars in hand ready to make your guest of honor the center of attention on their special day.  These telegrams require no on site set up and are fully customized with the songs you want to relay your message with!  All the personal aspects of a true serenade... without the balcony!


Special Delivery

Choose from either the Standard or a Delivery Guy/Girl Guitar Serenading Singing Telegram - Ideal for office/business settings.



The Funny Serenade

Want to add a touch of humor to your telegram?  We're confident a singing & guitar playing Banana, Hot Pepper, Pizza Slice or Poop Emoji will do the trick and turn a few heads!





Free gift included!  Customized with the songs you want! 

Popular music from yesterday and today!

Ask us for more details!





A Fun & Funny Mini Concert










Always a popular attraction, our costumed telegrams are sure to entertain and get a laugh.  This 3 song mini concert sets up virtually anywhere and turns heads everywhere it goes.  After all, how many times have you heard a bananarama song performed by an actual singing banana?  As a side note, none of our singing telegram costumes obstruct our performer's faces, so the songs they they sing to your special someone will be heard clearly by everyone.  An important fact when sending a proper singing telegram.  Call or contact us for more details!



The One & Only Opera Singing Telegram

Our exclusive Opera-Gram is probably one of the most unique singing telegrams you'll ever see!  Whether your recipient is a fan of Opera or you just want to send a performance that turns a lot of heads, this is one special delivery that delivers.  Our outstanding and classically trained Opera singer, Joni, will turn heads at every corner with her powerful Soprano vocals that will have everyone in the room mesmerized!  She will perform 3 full Operatic Arias for your special recipient, wearing her traditional long flowing gown and iconic horned helmet!  Hide your dishes and glassware, this is as authentic as it gets!  Call or contact us for more details!





Our Exclusive Dancing Telegram

Do you have a heart felt message you'd like to send to a special person, but just don't know how to put it into words?  Then this is the telegram for you!  Our exclusive Bellydance-O-Gram will show up to make your guest of honor the center of attention wherever they are!  Our beautiful and extremely talented Belly Dancers will arrive pretty much wherever you need them to go - Office/Business, Restaurant, House Party, etc - with a portable sound system, ready to make your recipient the center of attention on their special day.  Ideal for Birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, retirements or even just a Tuesday!  We have "office friendly" costumes when requested and these are a quick, fun way to let someone know you are thinking of them.  Call or contact us for more details!





A Telegram That Will Entertain & Amaze

This is probably the most unique telegram you can send to someone.  Our exclusive Magic-Gram is a 15 minute mini magic show performed for your guest of honor on the spot, wherever they are!  Our amazing Magician will make your special someone his magical assistant as he amazes all onlookers with some incredible and interactive up close magic!  Our extremely talented Magician will arrive pretty much wherever you need him to be - Office/Business, Restaurant, House Party, etc - with his bag-o-tricks in hand ready to amaze your guest of honor (and everyone else in the room)... and who knows, there might even be a special gift that "appears" at the end of the show that they get to keep!  Our fun-filled Magic-Gram is definitely a unique way to show someone you are thinking of them on their special day.  Call or contact us for more details!